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Picture relating to Benarkin - titled 'Benarkin'
Picture relating to Benarkin - titled 'Benarkin'
Picture relating to Benarkin State Forest - titled 'Benarkin State Forest'
Picture relating to Imbil - titled 'O'Leary Pioneers'
Picture relating to Eagle Junction - titled 'Eagle Junction store of J.D.Postle/Brisbane'
Picture relating to Harristown - titled 'Harristown/Twins'
Picture relating to Kandanga - titled 'Kandanga'
Picture relating to Cooyar - titled 'Cooyar'
Picture relating to Cooyar - titled 'Cooyar'
Picture relating to Gundabloui - titled 'Gundabloui'
Picture relating to Townsville - titled 'Townsville'
Picture relating to Bathurst - titled 'Bathurst'
Picture relating to Imbil State Forest 1 - titled 'Imbil State Forest 1'
Picture relating to Waverton - titled 'Waverton Coal Loader Balls Head'
Picture relating to Day Dawn - titled 'Day Dawn'
Picture relating to Nanango - titled 'Nanango'

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    Waverton Coal Loader Balls Head

    contributed by Bluedog, taken in 1920
    (contact Bluedog about this picture | see 357 more pictures from Bluedog - open in new window)

    Coal Loader Bucket Gantries Ship loaders at Ball Head

    Bonzle has pictures of Waverton spanning 95 years taken from 1920 to 2015:

    This picture is part of the Bonzle Ships (open in new window) photo collection.

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